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Our Research

Blueprint Institute tackles complex policy problems and maps out a path forward. We start with first principles and combine data, research, and cutting-edge analysis with expert judgement to derive new insights about Australia's policy settings. Our research agenda presents practical measures we can take to build a more modern, resilient, and prosperous Australia, and reforms to keep our country healthy, growing, and productive. 

Our current research spans three key areas: ‘Tax & Fiscal Reform’, ‘Climate & Energy’, and ‘Early Learning’.

All Blueprint Papers

Budget Blueprints

Each year the Federal Budget lays out the Government's vision for the nation and its priorities for reform. We do the same.  Our Budget Blueprint's provide a roadmap for the policy needed to drive the next economic boom and lay the foundations for the roaring 20’s.

Igniting the next boom—Tax & Fiscal Reform

Australia's economic prosperity is at the heart of our research agenda. Policy makers should target tax reform, unemployment benefits, innovation, and productivity to ignite the next economic boom.

Powering the next boom—Climate & Energy

We propose market-based solutions in a bid to depoliticise climate and energy policy. In our 'Powering the next boom' series, we tell an optimistic story about Australia’s future as a renewable energy superpower. We outline and address key challenges the nation will face as the world shifts towards renewables.

Nurturing the next boom—Early Learning

Reform is sorely needed. Through our 'Nurturing the next boom' series, we present policy that boosts early childhood development outcomes, tackles parental affordability, and reduces employment disincentives.

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