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Blue sky vision

We’re not afraid to shoot for the stars. In 2021 we’re focusing on four research areas to drive Australia’s next boom. We’ve already made great strides on Powering the next boom and Igniting the next boom, and will continue to do so. But additional support will help us kick off ‘Nurturing the next boom’ and ‘Sparking the next boom’ too.

Powering the next boom


Australia is increasingly isolated on climate action. If we don’t increase our ambition soon, we’ll feel the heat diplomatically and economically, as well as physically.

And we should also position ourselves to take advantage of the amazing opportunities a net-zero economy offers.

Igniting the next boom


As we emerge from the pandemic with record public debt, the focus should be on raising revenue in the way that best enables us to pay it down.

That means raising more revenue more efficiently, and shrinking public debt as a share of the economy via rapid economic growth.

Nurturing the next boom


Our early learning system is anti-productivity. Early learning isn’t affordable for many families, creates disincentives for parental work, and holds back childhood development.

Radical reform is needed to nurture young minds and unleash a new wave of economic growth.

Sparking the next boom


We punch above our weight in science, technology, and the arts, but we’re no global hub of innovation and creativity.

We need smarter policies to spark the next boom. We should follow the lead of other countries, like Israel, that have bootstrapped their way to innovation and growth.

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