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Achieving Prosperity in a Net-Zero Future market-friendly climate and energy blueprint for the 47th Parliament

February 07, 2023

The economic case for action on climate is clear. Over the past decade, the precipitous decline in the cost of renewable energy has opened a window of opportunity.

The race to decarbonise is gathering pace—future growth and prosperity will be determined by our ability to capture green capital and low-carbon industry. Countries that deny or delay this change will be left behind. Australian investors and business leaders know this and are desperate for the Federal Government to meet them on the same page.

This paper offers a suite of ‘low-hanging fruit’ policies for the 47th Parliament to consider and for the government, opposition, and crossbench to embed in their respective policy platforms. These policy recommendations are the result of extensive consultation with experts in the relevant fields and capture valuable lessons learned—from within Australia and abroad— from what has and has not worked in the past. They are actionable and ambitious, they can be implemented immediately, are affordable (in many cases revenue positive), and will have a beneficial impact in delivering emissions reductions.

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