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Our Values

We are independent forward-thinkers who seek to inform a new kind of policy for a modern, egalitarian Australia. We are here to challenge policymakers to look beyond the next election to the next generation, with ideas that are economically responsible, politically achievable and environmentally sound.

Our hearts beat for the best of liberalism: a society that values individual freedom and an open economy, where everyone – whether you’re a rural shop owner, a startup entrepreneur or a single parent aspiring to give your child the best start in life – gets an equal opportunity to live well and contribute with their skills, hearts, hands and minds. 

  • We believe in people. 
    We believe all Australians can flourish with the right support. We believe in a society where all people are free to express who they are – a society that rewards hard work and aspiration and protects the most vulnerable.
  • We believe in democracy.
    All people have a right to be treated equally. We believe in governments listening and responding to citizens to ensure laws and institutions remain relevant and fair.
  • We are pro-market.
    Economic freedom and open trade spur creativity, prosperity and wellbeing. But markets, left unregulated, can fail. There is a place for governments and social institutions to correct distortions.
  • We respect the environment, community and culture.
    We believe sensible policymaking means balancing economic goals with the need to conserve the value of our natural environment, our history and culture, and our local communities.
  • We support thoughtful government investment.
    We believe public money should be used to promote better health and education, and protect Australia’s most vulnerable. However, responsible budget management is necessary to ensure future generations aren’t unduly burdened with debt.
  • We trust in learning.
    We believe in the importance of dynamic and fit-for-purpose education to prepare Australians for the challenges of an ever-changing world, disruptive technology and the future of work.

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