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Our Values

Blueprint Institute is an Australian think tank that exists to influence policy and improve outcomes for Australia. Our philosophy is socially progressive and economically conservative.

We combine rigorous economic research with a pragmatic understanding of policy through regular engagement with key decision-makers.

  • Forward-thinking.

The best policymaking transcends party politics and the electoral cycle to truly tackle the challenges of the future.

  • Independent.

Our recommendations are based on evidence, not the views of funders, political parties, or corporations.​

  • Pro-market.

Well-managed markets and open trade spur creativity, prosperity, and wellbeing.​

  • Rigorous.

We stand for evidence-based policymaking and a rigorous application of the scientific method.​

  • Respect for the environment & communities​.

Good policies balance economic goals with the need to conserve the value of our natural environment and our local communities.​

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