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Blueprint Institute Energy Policy Launch: “Powering the Next Boom”

Australia’s electricity grid was originally built around a centralised model of coal fired generation — public financing underpinned initial infrastructure. Renewable energy is now the cheapest method of new generation in most circumstances. However, the regulatory framework which governs our national electricity markets and the nation’s transmission infrastructure requires significant upgrades to ensure consumers and businesses can benefit.

The event is free, but registration via Zoom is essential. Register here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

With the launch of its Energy Initiative, Blueprint Institute will bring together MPs, academics and industry leaders to probe the key questions confronting those who govern and administer Australia’s complex energy sector. Topics for discussion will include;

  • How do we need to reform regulation to get market-settings right and ensure Australia’s electricity sector functions efficiently? 
  • How can the nation be set on a path to achieving a reliable energy system with low emissions at the lowest cost?
  • How can Australia ensure we capitalise on the market opportunities that align with our world-beating solar, wind and mineral resources? 
  • What are the barriers to renewable energy acceleration in this country?


- Matt Kean, New South Wales Minister for Energy and Environment.

- Anna Skarbek is the CEO of ClimateWorks Australia. 

- Graeme Cuthbert, Partner, EY Port Jackson Partners

- Emma Herd, CEO of the Investor Group on Climate Change 


October 30, 2020 at 3:30pm - 5pm

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