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The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Minds were blown’: These scientists were stunned at what’s happening on the NSW North Coast

The Drum: proposed changes to training for teachers

The Age: Ending native forest logging is right call but will not be an easy path

The Sydney Morning Herald: Before creation of koala national park, loggers target key habitat

The Drum: The liberal opposition to the Voice, the inditement of Donald Trump

The Sydney Morning Herald: A ‘rat-cunning piece of magic’: How Labor won Sydney’s west

The Australian Financial Review: Win or lose, Perrottet has redefined Liberal leadership

The Sydney Morning Herald: Coalition pledges $50 million to private schools for new classrooms, upgrades

The Sydney Morning Herald: If Perrottet loses, it won’t be because of climate policy

The Drum: The Safeguard mechanism

The Drum: AI repercussions of chat GPT

The Australian Financial Review: Australia’s top schools hike fees, but less than inflation

Spectator Australia: Australian law-making needs repair

The Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney private school fees jump 50 per cent in a decade

Inside Story: Liberalism eclipsed

The Sydney Morning Herald: Hundreds of NSW private schools over-funded by almost $100 million last year, research finds

The Daily Telegraph: 8 reasons our power is under threat and costing a fortune

The Australian: Cleaning up Canberra or just cheap theatrics?

The Daily Telegraph: NSW Premier backs grants scrutiny post pork barrelling review

The Sydney Morning Herald: NSW has a principal problem that is difficult to fix

The Tasmanian Times: Post-election Briefing 2022

Geelong Advertiser: post-election briefing & ICAC

Sky News: post-election briefing & ICAC

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO): post-election briefing

The Australian Financial Review: 2022 Election/Liberalism

The Drum: NSW Teacher's Strike

Seven News: Coal seat voters back clean energy action

The Australian: Angus Taylor to rebuff UK and US demands to phase out coal-fired power stations

The Herald Sun: New polls show majority of CQ residents want green energy

The Guardian: Thinktank wants $259m in royalties directed to coalmining towns as renewables take over

The Sydney Morning Herald: To power to our emissions target, we must double our energy research

The Sydney Morning Herald: Treasurer urged to revisit standard tax deduction as budget bottom line improves

The Sydney Morning Herald: Almost alone: Australia isolated on climate despite PM’s ambitions

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