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Powering the next boom—Climate & Energy

March 23, 2021

We propose market-based solutions in a bid to depoliticise climate and energy policy. In our 'Powering the next boom' series, we tell an optimistic story about Australia’s future as a renewable energy superpower. We outline and address key challenges the nation will face as the world shifts towards renewables.

Powering the next boom

October 29, 2020

Australia has committed to full decarbonisation by some point this century. But if we don’t commit soon to rapidly decarbonise, the decision may be forced upon us. Japan, South Korea, the UK, and the EU, among others, have already committed to net-zero by 2050. China has pledged net-zero by 2060. The Biden...
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Phasing down gracefully: Halving electricity emissions this decade

December 21, 2020

Net-zero is inevitable, by 2050 or even earlier. To get there, our economy will need to undergo a tremendous structural transformation. The longer we delay, the costlier it will be. Our 2030 emissions target is a critical milestone on the path to net-zero. Relying on the COVID-19 slowdown and uncoordinated state action...
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