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Igniting the next boom—Tax & Fiscal Reform

March 23, 2021

Australia's economic prosperity is at the heart of our research agenda. Policy makers should target tax reform, unemployment benefits, innovation, and productivity to ignite the next economic boom.

Kickstarting the engine - short-term support for Australia's Small Businesses

August 19, 2020

Small businesses are the bedrock of the Australian economy, but they are suffering disproportionally through the COVID-19 crisis. With limited cash reserves and limited access to capital relative to larger businesses, many small businesses have been riding out the times of lockdown and uncertainty by relying on government support, tax holidays (e.g....
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JobMatcher: Real unemployment insurance

February 16, 2021

Australia doesn’t have true unemployment insurance. Not really. Instead what we have is a fairly meagre form of permanent welfare—not too high to prevent recipients from accepting whatever work they can get, but not high enough to ensure a dignified standard of living. With its universal, flat, and very low rate, our...
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Budget Blueprint

September 28, 2020

Australia is at a critical juncture. The COVID-19 crisis has cut short three decades of uninterrupted economic growth. We must support the economy while demand remains weak, but we must also give targeted support to the most vulnerable. The combination of welcome discretionary actions and automatic stabilisers have ballooned net debt, and...
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Bye-bye tax returns

April 27, 2021

Australians spend $2.3 billion a year managing their tax affairs—about what we spend on Coca-Cola products. And, because it’s tax deductible, a big chunk is picked up by the taxpayer. 70% of people pay an accountant to prepare their tax return—an unusually high proportion compared to other countries. The ATO costs us...
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