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Blueprint Papers

Budget Blueprint

Australia is at a critical juncture. The COVID-19 crisis has cut short three decades of uninterrupted economic growth. We must support the economy while demand remains weak, but we must also give targeted support to the most vulnerable. The combination of welcome discretionary actions and automatic stabilisers have ballooned net debt, and...
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Kickstarting the engine - short-term support for Australia's Small Businesses

Small businesses are the bedrock of the Australian economy, but they are suffering disproportionally through the COVID-19 crisis. With limited cash reserves and limited access to capital relative to larger businesses, many small businesses have been riding out the times of lockdown and uncertainty by relying on government support, tax holidays (e.g....
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A Blueprint for the National Cabinet

The National Cabinet has the potential to solve some of the most intractable challenges facing Australia. The Blueprint Institute commends Prime Minister Morrison and the State Premiers for committing to it for the long term. The Australian people are on the same page as our national leaders and have high hopes for...
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